Over the years, the popularity of Thai food has been embraced all over the world. It is easy to pop into a restaurant and ask for Thai food; but it is not as easy to find a place to enjoy a good Thai breakfast. Even when you are in Thailand, you have to dig deeper to discover the authentic Thai breakfast. Some of the breakfast dishes that define a Thai meal are:


For many years, Thai people have enjoyed a rice soup that comes in a thick formulation called joke. It is a tasty meal that is also full of nutritious value, hence the reason it makes a good breakfast meal. It is packed with nutrients that you will need to get through the day. Making joke involves adding jasmine rice to minced pork and boiled eggs. Other chefs tend to add extra toppings, like the insides of pork or steamed cabbages, to make it even thicker and more filling.

Khaorad Kaeng

This is a favourite meal for most Thai people. It contains rice that is served with several foods on top. Restaurants serving khaorad kaeng always allow guests to choose their own toppings. This meal is not restricted to breakfast, it also makes a very popular lunchtime meal. For most Thais, Khaorad Kaeng is considered a fast food option.

Tom Luad Moo

This meal loosely translates to “boiled pork blood’. It is a kind of soup that puts together different parts of pork, including lungs, liver, intestines, and big chunks of pig’s blood in coagulated form; hence the name. This is a popular breakfast meal because it is rich in proteins. To enhance the flavor, most people add either vinegar or chilli. To make it more satisfying, Tom luad moo is always served with rice on the side.

Gai Yang

For chicken lovers, this is a good option for a breakfast meal. The chicken is always grilled as guests watch and it is served with rice. People seeking freshly marinated and grilled chicken will have a good time eating this for breakfast. It can be ordered with a side of soup.

Khaoniew Moo Ping

If you are looking for a breakfast meal you can have to-go, then Khaoniew moo ping is the best option. The meal is made of sticky rice and savory pork that has been marinated and grilled. For an energy filled breakfast, this is a preferred choice, especially for tourists on an activity packed trip.

If you do not get your breakfast of choice in a restaurant, you can try the street cuisines that vendors set up across different parts of the road. The trick of finding good food is being adventurous with your palate.