If you are visiting Thailand, then you should be ready to let your palate go on an adventure. There is no big line between the street food being served from carts and stalls, and the food which people sit in a restaurant to eat. Eating Thai food is like going for an adventure and helps to understand the culture. If you are ever in the Thai streets and you are feeling overwhelmed by the variety of street food available, some of the dishes you should try, include the following.

Pad See Eiw

This famous Thai dish is what every family has regularly. The meal is made of rice noodles stir-fried with chicken, which is dipped in dark soy sauce. Other ingredients that can be put in Pad See Eiw are beef and pork or cabbage and Chinese broccoli for people who do not eat meat. The reason why most tourists enjoy this meal is that it is a break from the extremely spicy meals that Thai people eat. For people who want to add a little more for their meal, vinegar or chilli flakes can bring a different flavour to the dish.

Kluay Tod

Kluay Tod can be addictive. The sweetness of the fried bananas always gets people asking for more. The meal is made by dipping bananas which are not quite ripe into the hot oil. The bananas are always covered in batter containing sesame seeds or coconut. This mixture gives a crunchy snack with a golden look. The inside is moist and warm. They are amazing to munch on when they are freshly fried, or after they have been allowed to cool down.

Som Tam

When you are in Thailand, som tam is one of the dishes which you are likely to find sold in the street. There are always free samples or bonus dishes to try, and sometimes, all one needs to do is ask. Som tam is made of tomatoes, green papaya, dried shrimp, peanuts, fish sauce, garlic, sugar and string beans. The dishes are always spicy, so if you are not tolerant of the heat, you can ask the chef to simply tone it down for you and make you a custom made milder version.

Khao Kha Moo

This is a relatively easy and simple meal to make, and you are likely to get it from any street food vendor. The dish is made of stewed pork, which is served with rice. The pork is often cooked in sugar and soy sauce, and it is slowly boiled until it is tender, For you to find where they are, just look for huge pits that are filled with pigs legs. If you do not want to eat a very fatty meal, you can ask for no skin; mai ao nang. Khao kha moo is often served with broccoli and boiled eggs on the side.

Kai Jeow

If you are on a low budget, you can still enjoy some of the Thai meals which are sold in the streets. Kai Jeow is a good deal for people who are looking for cheap and delicious food. Kai Jeow is basically an omelette that is served with rice. The Thai omelette is made differently from the conventional one because the outside is made to be very crispy. The meal is made with fish sauce and chillies.