Just like the dietary practices in most Asian countries, Thai foods are primarily vegan. The vast bulk of meals served in Thailand include rice and noodles served with plenty of vegetables. Foods with cheese, butter, or meat are not common or practically absent in Thai cuisine. Overall, Thailand is known for some of the tastiest vegetarian dishes.

Most people get a real taste of Thai cuisine when they travel abroad. However, you can always try these healthy and delicious foods at home since the recipes are available online. Whether you are eating to lose weight or want to eat something healthy while watching and betting on the NHL, you can never go wrong with Thai vegetarian cuisine. Here are some dishes that you should try:

Pak Boong

Pak Boong is among Thailand’s most popular foods. This vegan dish consists of only a handful of ingredients, but it is considered super healthy. Served as a salad, this dish is seasoned with vitamin-rich greens, garlic, chilies, soybean paste, and more. Pak Boong assumes a somehow salty, sour, and crunchy taste. Also known as the ‘morning glory’ of Thai cuisine, it is undoubtedly the best dish to get you going in the morning.

Pad Phak

This colorful dish comprises of a mixture of stirred vegetables. This dish often features a combination of tomatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, and green beans. It can be prepared with some soy sauce and chili, or it could be served plain. This dish is often served with rice and tastes better when you put some chili powder.

Gang Jay

Gang Jay, or the vegetarian curry, is one of those foods that have placed Thailand on the foodie map. Thailand is known to be packed with a variety of curries such as Massaman curry, green curry, and the Panang curry. The best way to enjoy this variety of vegan curry is to serve with tofu or mashed soya beans. Thailand’s Gang Jay is often filled with some protein substitute, which makes them as tasty as their meat counterparts.

Pad Phuk Tong

Also described as stir-fried pumpkin, Pad Phuk Tong is one of the tastiest vegetarian dishes you will come across in Thailand. This dish might be quite common in most western restaurants, but when you taste it, you undoubtedly wish that it were there. While it is not easy to find in restaurants, you should be planning to prepare it at your kitchen.

Som Tum

Papaya salad, known as Som Tum in Thailand is undoubtedly among the most popular foods in Thai Vegan Cuisine. This lip-smacking vegetarian diet is prepared using garlic, tamarind juice, sugar, shredded green papaya, tomatoes, and peanuts. This salad is often made using fish salad. But for vegetarians, you can always have it served without either fish sauce or dried shrimp.

Tom Yum Soup

There are different ways of preparing this soup. Vegan Tom Yum Soup, for instance, is made using soy sauce as opposed to fish sauce and chicken sauce for non-vegans. Besides its delicious taste, this vegan soup also helps in fighting off cold and flu viruses. This vegan soup is believed to be healthier than the original in many ways.

Most Thai foods are vegan-friendly, only that the use of fish sauce makes them somewhat tricky for vegans to navigate. But with the options highlighted above, sit back and enjoy this authentic variety of Thai vegan cuisine.